Oleanvine Maynard and Son Kadeem Maynard to Remain Behind Bars; Fahie Granted Continuance Through January 2023

Crime Published On July 13, 2022 05:34 AM
Janeka Simon | July 13, 2022 05:34:28 AM

From left to right, Andrew Fahie, Kadeem Maynard, and Oleanvine Maynard. By BVI PLATINUM NEWS

Oleanvine and Kadeem Maynard will remain in detention for longer than originally scheduled, after Judge Kathleen Williams acceded to a request from Andrew Fahie for a continuance until January next year. 

The motion submitted by the former BVI premier’s counsel and unopposed by prosecutors and by attorneys for Fahie’s co-defendants, argues that the parties — both prosecution and the defense — have agreed that, due to several delays, technical and otherwise, Fahie’s legal team has not had sufficient time to properly prepare for trial, which was initially set for July 18.

The motion indicated that some of the audio and video files turned over by the prosecution in the discovery process were unreadable, and that efforts were underway to figure out and hopefully address the issue. Also ongoing were negotiations over exactly what material pertaining to the Drug Enforcement Administration’s confidential source could be turned over. 

That highly-sensitive material, which potentially includes identifying information about the source, must be covered by a protective order, the conditions of which will be agreed upon by both sides. 

Oleanvine Maynard, as the Consortium had previously reported, did not object to continuing her pre-trial detention, and remains in the federal detention center in Miami where she was placed after her arrest. 

Kadeem Maynard, who unlike his mother and Fahie was arrested in St. Thomas and held in Puerto Rico temporarily while awaiting transfer, has since arrived in Miami and is now being held in the same federal detention facility as his mother. His bid for pre-trial release was denied by Magistrate Judge Chris McAiley, who determined that there was no condition or combination of conditions the court could impose that would reasonably ensure Kadeem’s appearance at trial. 

Mr. Maynard is accused of co-ordinating the initial meetings between the DEA’s confidential source, his mother and Andrew Fahie. He is also alleged to have bragged, while the conversation was being recorded, of a two-decade history of drug trafficking. Further, Kadeem Maynard is alleged to have negotiated a side deal with the DEA source, separate and apart from the main drug trafficking conspiracy. That deal reportedly consisted of him receiving payment for his assistance in the form of cocaine — allegedly 60 kilograms per week — which he would then sell and pocket the proceeds. 

Following the July 6th detention hearing, Judge McAiley reasoned that the weight of evidence against him, the lengthy prison sentence that likely awaited him if convicted, his lack of a stable residence or family ties in the district, and the presence of significant ties outside of the United States, all provided strong reasons for the younger Maynard’s continued detention. McAiley considered Kadeem’s boat ownership, his connections through which he might be able to acquire false identification documents, and the BVI’s previous denial of extradition requests by U.S. authorities, plus the drawn-out approvals process in making these requests to the United Kingdom, in his decision to keep Kadeem Maynard in custody pending the January Trial.

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