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Bill Allowing Gov't Employees to Seek Public Office While Continuing to Work Held Indefinitely

  • Janeka Simon
  • September 30, 2023

Members of the Senate Committee on Rules & Judiciary this week voted to hold a bill that would have allowed government employees to contest elections while remaining on the job, after concerns were raised about conflicts of interest, potential violations of the regulations of some government agencies, and potential abuse of taxpayer dollars.  Testifying on Thursday in support of the measure, Elections Supervisor Caroline Fawkes also  took the opportunity to plead with the Legislature to undertake a comprehensive electoral reform exercise ahead of the 2024 elections. "In the past, only certain sections of the code would be amended," Ms. Fawkes noted, which has now led to a scenario where "there are numerous sections in Title 18 that conflict with other sections." Some of her recommendations include revisions or additions of basic electoral terms, the inclusion of ballot initiative and referendum processes, and the inclusion of recall provisions for elected officials.  She also called ...