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Local Leaders Speak of Peace, Continuous Fight for Justice, and Unity in Celebration of Martin Luther King Jr. Day

  • Staff Consortium
  • January 18, 2021

Leaders of the U.S. Virgin Islands called on Virgin Islanders to reflect on the many ideals of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., the American minister and activist whose words and mission led to a march toward equality for all Americans, a mission many see a continuing. Dr. King led the Civil Rights Movement since the mid-50s until his assassination on April 4, 1968. His murder led to nation-wide riots, known as the Holy Week Uprising, which took place in roughly 100 cities. Senate President Donna Frett-Gregory said Dr. King's teachings and leadership by example "continue to be lessons for us all. With 2020 having reminded us of the frailty of life, we must all strive to do good and seek to uplift humanity." She stated the 34th Legislature will work to lift all Virgin Islanders. "The 34th Legislature will work to empower the powerless, seek opportunity in all things big and small, and pursue solutions for the issues that plague our community even when we think those solutions are complex a...