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Roach Calls For Financial Relief For Residents, Says WAPA Bills Should be Subsidized

  • Janeka Simon and Ernice Gilbert
  • November 02, 2023

Facing a crowd of protesters on Wednesday, Lieutenant Governor Tregenza Roach suggested that residents of the territory should receive assistance in the form of a subsidy for the high cost of electricity, which, at 42.65 cents per kilowatt-hour after the first 250 kWh, is second only to Hawaii in all of the United States. Mr. Roach noted his reservations about the capabilities of WAPA’s current leadership. "I have questions about the management and I have questions about the spending at WAPA, and when we have meetings I raise those questions,” the lieutenant governor told protesters Wednesday at the D. Hamilton Jackson Day event, also called Liberty Day or Bull and Bread Day. He added later in his response, “I think what we need to do is a subsidy across the board to underwrite the high cost of WAPA to residents of the territory. The same way that we did with the $250, I think it should be a regular subsidy." In April 2020, Governor Albert Bryan initiated the "YES" initiative that s...