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Bryan Vetoes Emergency Session Bills as Legislative, Executive Branches Clash Over WAPA Solutions

  • Janeka Simon
  • May 10, 2024

On Wednesday, Governor Albert Bryan Jr. vetoed the three pieces of legislation that emerged from last month’s emergency legislative session that was convened to deal with the Water and Power Authority’s urgent financial needs.  Bills 35-0266, 35-0267, and 35-0268 were all rejected by the governor, who said in a statement that executive authority must be preserved as must the financial stability of the territory.  Bill 35-0266 sought to re-appropriate funds from a previous $6 million loan to WAPA to cover the current year obligations of the Schneider Regional Medical Center, the Juan F. Louis Hospital and Medical Center, and the Waste Management Authority to the utility company. Instead of repaying the loan, the measure would make WAPA issue a credit to each of the three entities. "This bill does not address the immediate financial needs of the Virgin Islands Water and Power Authority, which requires cash to continue operations and prevent service disruptions," Governor Bryan responde...