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As Talk Gets Louder About Possible Separation or Divorce Between Bryan and First Lady, Governor Says Official Statement Will be Made in Time

  • Ernice Gilbert
  • October 16, 2023

The status of the relationship between Governor Albert Bryan Jr. and his wife, First Lady Yolanda Bryan, is deteriorating, with the two having essentially separated, though the First Lady still lives at Government House, say people with knowledge of the strained marriage. Things are so bad, according to the people, that private issues are spilling over into the public, and many are concerned about the governor's ability to effectively lead the U.S. Virgin Islands as his relationship with his wife takes a turn for the worse. Mr. Bryan — who ran for office as a family man bringing a sense of decorum to Government House —  firmly asserts that personal matters do not impede his leadership capabilities. And while he initially emphasized in a recent interview with the Consortium that his personal life remains private, he later acknowledged that constituents may be concerned about whether such matters are affecting his official decisions. "I think that when there is an official statement to...