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Bryan Expands Capacity of Places of Worship Ahead of Easter; Rental Assistance Program Starts Today

  • Kyle Murphy
  • March 29, 2021

The Bryan administration announced Monday what was described as “good news for our faith-based community": Governor Albert Bryan, in recognition of Holy Week "and moving forward," has ordered that places of worship be allowed to house up to 200 persons, if the aforesaid amount is 50 percent or less than the church's capacity.  In simple terms, if a facility can seat 400 individuals or more, it will be allowed to seat 200. This rule applies evenly to faith-based facilities of all capacities. Previously, the limit for people allowed to gather in places of worship was 100 people at 50 percent of capacity. All social distancing and mask-wearing guidelines remain in place, the administration said. Rent Assistance Program The Emergency Rental Assistance Program to assist families who have fallen behind on rent payments as a result of the pandemic opened to residents on today, according to Gov't House. To qualify, residents must: Owe at least one month rent or utility payment or antic...