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BIT Requests $11.8 Million Budget, $1.2 Million Less Than Last Year

  • Nelcia Charlemagne
  • June 21, 2024

The Bureau of Information Technology has requested $11,799,620 from the general fund for its FY2024 budget. According to Rupert Ross, BIT’s director, the budget request is a “strategic investment designed to enhance the efficiency, security and effectiveness” of the Bureau as it carries out its duties. Unlike many other government departments, however, BIT’s FY2025 budget ask is significantly smaller than last year’s appropriation - roughly $1.2 million less. It’s something that Mr. Ross told lawmakers is expected to impact their operations. "We now have to identify our priority projects differently… We always have a list of things that we're working on and we're going to have to adjust that list to be able to fit within the budget.” ‌The Bureau is responsible for developing and implementing a comprehensive technology strategy for the Government of the Virgin Islands. It also has the task of “digitally transforming agencies, delivering innovative solutions to improve services, and co...