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Liberty VI Blames Public Works For Fiber Cable Project Delays Putting $85 Million in Federal Funding at Risk

  • Nelcia Charlemagne
  • January 29, 2024

In addition to the rocky migration process that has angered and frustrated many former AT&T customers, Liberty VI’s undergrounding project for fiber cables has also encountered major challenges, placing almost $85 million in federal funding in jeopardy.  Through the Connect USVI program, Liberty was awarded partial funding to help it run underground fiber cables, a more resilient standard against natural disasters than the traditional pole-mounted cabling system common in the region. However, with the project teetering dangerously close to missing key deadlines, that funding could be rescinded – leaving the territory in uncertain territory when it comes to its modernization agenda in the telecommunications sector.  During last week’s meeting of the Senate Committee on Housing, Transportation and Telecommunications, Liberty Country Manager Ravindra Maywahlall told lawmakers that the Department of Public Works was the primary stumbling block. “Permitting delays have not allowed us to b...