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Christiansted's Heart Beats with Unity and Happiness at Jump Up! Event

  • Staff Consortium
  • November 25, 2023

CHRISTIANSTED, ST. CROIX — The vibrant heart of downtown Christiansted was pulsating with unity and joy on Friday night, as it welcomed one of St. Croix's most beloved traditions, Jump Up! This popular event, supported by local businesses, not only boosts sales by keeping businesses open past usual hours but also brings together a diverse crowd of locals and tourists. Jump Up! is not just an event but a celebration that occurs several times a year. This particular night saw an extraordinary turnout. People swarmed the streets, engaging in a plethora of activities that ranged from enjoying live bands to watching the captivating performances of Moko Jumbies and fire dancers, with even a surprise appearance from Santa Claus. The air was filled with the enchanting sounds of Steelpan music, adding to the festive atmosphere alongside the Moko Jumbies, dancers and live bands. The boardwalk was lit up with a mesmerizing display of fireworks, creating a spectacle that was truly a feast for th...