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Career and Technical Education Instructors are Leaving Faster Than They Can Be Replaced, CTE Board Says

  • Janeka Simon
  • February 23, 2024

“We’re losing instructors, and as we lose instructors we’re losing programs.” That was Joane Murphy, chair of the Board of Career and Technical Education, remarking on the difficulties the board is facing when it comes to retaining teaching talent.  Ms. Murphy was responding to a question about priorities from representatives of the Education Development Center, a global nonprofit established to provide technical support and expertise to education officials across various niches. The discussion occurred during a Thursday meeting of the CTE Board, at which EDC officials were present to hear the board members’ concerns in order to potentially seek federal funding for programs designed to address the articulated challenges. The instructor shortage permeates all industry areas, but is most particularly acute in the construction and medical sectors, Ms. Murphy indicated.  Another major issue, raised by board member and former senator Genevieve Whitaker, lies in the board’s lack of adequa...