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Bryan Brags About Having His Way With Legislature: 'I Win All the Time'

  • Ernice Gilbert
  • October 14, 2023

Governor Albert Bryan wasn't timid when expressing what he deems to be an impressive track record of getting his agenda maneuvered through the V.I. Legislature, boasting during an interview with the Consortium on Thursday that he always wins. Mr. Bryan listed several pieces of legislation that at times looked to be too controversial to win approval in the Senate, but in the end were successful. "I does want to know if people know me," he boasted when asked whether his legislation to address derelict buildings in the territory would survive the Senate. "It's three times I went for the GERS. People protested against St. John, we got that; they ramshackle about the$150 million in the Legislature for the line or credit, I got that. It's like you don't know I win all the time. Even the opponents, they don't like it when I tell them..."  While senators approved the line of credit, it was not at the original $150 million the governor had requested — he received $100 million. And although la...