VI Consortium Seeking Full-time Journalist on St. Thomas

Site News Published On August 12, 2020 02:10 PM
Staff Consortium | August 12, 2020 02:10:55 PM

The Virgin Islands Consortium announced today that it is seeking a full-time journalist in St. Thomas.

The candidate chosen will be a writer whose work ethic is excellent. This person will be someone trained with the flexibility of turning around stories for same-day publishing, while being able to work on pieces that require days of attention.

This writer will not be someone who solely waits to be told what to cover, but will also find important issues — many times underreported — to suggest to the editor.

The ideal candidate must be one who is able to carefully edit their work before it arrives to our editor's email for further review. 

The candidate's chances of securing the job will be elevated if this candidate possesses skills such as capturing and editing video content that is usable, as well as capturing high quality photos. The Consortium will provide the tools. 

Additionally, this candidate must be someone who is willing and able to cover breaking stories — items that are developing by the minute and those that need immediate attention. This candidate must be willing and able to be flexible with days and times of story coverage, as news happens all the time and without warning.

If you're thinking of applying for the job but believe you will be unable to cover certain stories because of local friendships, don't apply. We're looking for a journalist whose work won't be hindered by relationships. This is important to us because we live in a small community, and coverage, at times, includes writing about someone you may know. 

The candidate must love the work of journalism — one of the most important yet under appreciated careers of our time. 

The salary for this position is from $35,000-$41,000 annually, with room for growth.

"Now more than ever, I believe the work of holding government to account and telling the stories of the voiceless must be intrinsically part of who we are at the Consortium," said VI Consortium Founder and Publisher, Ernice Gilbert. "'Democracy Dies in Darkness', the famous Washington Post tagline, is as relevant as it's ever been and our intent is to keep the light shining."

Send your resumés to [email protected], and [email protected]  

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