Watch Tonight: DeGazon Wants to 'Set the Record Straight' on Rumors Circulating Claiming Payday From Bryan Administration for Work 'Not Done or Approved'

Politics Published On August 19, 2020 04:00 AM
Staff Consortium | August 19, 2020 04:00:01 AM

Senator Allison DeGazon By VI LEGISLATURE

Senator Allison DeGazon will visit the VI Consortium tonight for a live interview with VIC Publisher Ernice Gilbert — an interview the lawmaker requested — where Ms. DeGazon says she will lay to rest rumors circulating in Virgin Islands social media channels that she received a payday from the Bryan administration for work not performed.

Ms. DeGazon says she wants to discuss "rumors about me getting paid $150k by this administration on work that was not done or approved."

"The angle is that I'm trying to get money to build a $675k house in Enfield Green," she said.

Watch the interview live tonight on the Consortium's Facebook page starting at 7:30 p.m.

Other topics to be discussed include the lawmaker's first-term as a senator. 



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