In Sudden Change, Javan James Decides to Run For Senate, Rejoin Democratic Party

Politics Published On May 13, 2022 06:44 AM
Ernice Gilbert | May 13, 2022 06:44:05 AM

Senator Javan James. By V.I. LEGISLATURE

In a rather sudden flip-flop, Senator Javan James — who less than a month ago told the community that he would not seek reelection as he wanted to spend more time with his family — on Tuesday filed his documents to seek another term as a senator, Mr. James has told the Consortium.

Following the reelection bid announcement by the Bryan-Roach team Tuesday night, Mr. James told the Consortium that not only did he file documents to seek reelection, he also rejoined the Democratic Party which he left in January 2021.

Mr. James did not explain his sudden change of mind after passionately detailing his decision to leave.

"My wife and I have been discussing this from since last year but my tolerance to deal with the constant pettiness and confusion with the people who are old enough to by my parents in the Senate is not like before," Mr. James said in a post on Facebook. "As the youngest senator in the Legislature, I find myself being the adult in the room most of the time. There is so much pettiness and confusion within this institution."

He added, "My decision was based solely on family, moving on in life and listening to the voice within me."

In an official press release announcing his decision to not run for another term, Mr. James said, "My wife and I are looking forward to spending more time with our children so that they can become productive citizens of this community."

When he decided to leave the Democratic Party in Jan. 2021, the senator said, "After careful consideration with my confidants and advisors, I have decided to switch to an independent (No Party)," Mr. James wrote on Facebook in since-deleted post. "During my tenure as a freshman Senator, I have served with pride and honor as a member of two majorities in the 33rd Legislature of the Virgin Islands. However, it came with a lot of ups and downs as I was a part of two changes of the Democratic majority. A lot of challenges came as a result of those significant changes in the Senate."

Multiple attempts to reach Mr. James via calls and text were unsuccessful.

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