Frett-Gregory Announces She Won't Run for Re-election in 36th Legislature

As Frett-Gregory bows out of Senate race, talk of run for governor swirl

  • Nelcia Charlemagne
  • May 21, 2024

Senator Donna Frett-Gregory won't seek reelection in the 36th Legislature. By. V.I. Legislature

Senator Donna Frett-Gregory will not be returning to the Senate in the 36th Legislature. On Tuesday, the lawmaker announced that she would not be seeking re-election this November.

The announcement makes Frett-Greogry the second member of the 35th Legislature to announce that they will not be asking voters to return them to another term in office. In March, Senator Javan James decided to eschew elective politics in order to further his education.

‌Ms. Frett-Gregory made the disclosure during Tuesday’s meeting of the Committee on Budget, Appropriations and Finance, which she chairs. “I came to this decision after careful reflection and discussion with family members, friends, supporters and constituents,” she stated. Her decision not to seek another Senate term comes after over thirty years of public service, and six years in the Legislature. “I know that now, I am ready to write a new chapter,” she said.‌

Even beyond the expiration of her term in January 2025, Frett-Gregory intends to “fight [and] push” for those causes she holds dear, as well as those which are “dear to the people.” Sen.Frett-Gregory has promised to be the “voice for accountability.” The Consortium is aware of Ms. Frett-Gregory's intention to run for governor in 2026, though she has made no such pronouncement.

The lawmaker with a penchant for financial matters has promised to continue to be “of service to the people of the Virgin Islands in a different forum and a different role.” Frett-Gregory shared that she will be dedicating more of her time to her elder mother. She also intends to leverage her foundation to further contribute to society. “I am not leaving the people of the Virgin Islands,” she said, declining to address persistent talk that her eye may be on the governor’s race in 2026.

Nevertheless, Frett-Gregory stressed that though she will not sit within the legislative chambers for much longer, she was pleased with the work completed during her tenure. She cited her role with other colleagues on legislation that created a sustainable funding source for the Government Employees' Retirement System, measures supporting the rights of victims of crime and domestic violence, and working to secure funding for the Water and Power Authority, “while insisting oversight of which we have yet to see come to fruition.”‌

Her contributions were celebrated by Senator Ray Fonseca who applauded his colleague’s “unique combination of skills and experiences” that he called “extremely rare in the Virgin Islands.”‌

Senator Frett-Gregory will continue to lead the 35th Legislature’s Budget, Appropriations and Finance Committee through the upcoming budget cycle.

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