Liberty VI Says Thorny Migration Process is Complete

After challenges and delays, Liberty finalizes transition from AT&T's network

  • Staff Consortium
  • April 02, 2024

Virgin Islanders who remained with Liberty VI through its transition off of AT&T networks to its own system can breathe a sigh of relief, as Liberty says it has completed its migration process. 

In 2020, Liberty acquired AT&T’s U.S. Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico customer base for a reported $1.95 billion in cash. After spending time installing and upgrading their own infrastructure, in June 2023 the company began migrating customers off the legacy AT&T network.

The migration process encountered significant challenges, leading to widespread customer dissatisfaction. Many customers reported issues such as dropped calls, service dead zones, and inadequate communication from Liberty's customer service staff. Additionally, lawmakers expressed their frustration, particularly in a January committee meeting, where they highlighted how overseas telecommunications had suffered due to the poor service experienced throughout the migration process.

By February 28, Liberty VI said that over 90% of its customers in the territory had been successfully transitioned to the new systems, however by that time the Public Services Commission had already opened an investigation into the chaotic migration process. 

By the end of March, even as Liberty VI said it was on the brink of completing the migration process, lawmakers advanced legislation that would direct the PSC to file an official complaint with the Federal Communications Commission. 

That complaint may no longer be necessary, if Liberty VI’s Tuesday announcement means that the issues that post-migration customers have been grappling with have also been solved now that the migration process has been completed.

General Manager Ravindra Maywahlall expressed gratitude to customers and employees alike “for their support and trust throughout this process.” Now that everyone has been moved to the new system, “we are concentrating on optimizing our platforms to deliver the xtraordinary mobile service experience that our customers have come to expect from us,” Mr. Maywahllal continued. 

He noted that there may still be lingering issues for some customers which support staff will continue to assist with, including “device-related issues and necessary software updates, particularly for Samsung devices.” According to Mr. Maywahllal, Liberty VI is “proactively” reaching out to those who may need additional intervention. Customers can also check their devices for compatibility by visiting a special section on Liberty’s website

With all customers now on the company’s own systems, Liberty VI says it has the “flexibility, control, and agility” to launch new packages and offers for both pre- and post-paid customers, which are available online and in-store. 

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