Liberty VI Assures Superior Service Post-Migration

Over 90 percent of Liberty VI's mobile customers successfully transitioned

  • Staff Consortium
  • February 28, 2024

Liberty VI said on Wednesday that it is on the brink of finalizing its migration process, with over 90 percent of its mobile customers in the U.S. Virgin Islands successfully transitioned to new systems.

The company has been facing severe backlash for what many deem a botched migration process away from AT&T's network, with some customers leaving the company for other services such as T-Mobile and AT&T. Liberty is also being investigated by the V.I. Public Services Commission.

The company has confirmed that the migration effort, which it says will also enhance customer service and network capabilities, is expected to conclude between March and April 2024.

Ravindra Maywahlall, country manager for Liberty VI, highlighted what he described as the dedication of the technical team working tirelessly to address and solve any technical challenges encountered. With significant improvements already achieved, efforts continue to fine-tune billing systems and expand roaming coverage, which now includes more networks in over 200 countries.

Maywahlall expressed gratitude towards customers for their patience and support during the transition. He assured them of the benefits this migration brings, including advanced connectivity, communication, and entertainment options tailored specifically to the needs of U.S. Virgin Islands consumers. This transformation aims to offer unmatched customer experience, with increased flexibility in creating offers, rates, and promotions, Liberty said.

The company said the majority of its customers in the USVI have already experienced the migration process, with the remaining expected to transition in the coming weeks. Liberty said that while some may face temporary service disruptions, these are generally resolved through device updates or restarts. In certain instances, device reconfiguration or SIM card changes may be necessary.

The communications firm said it has taken steps to facilitate a smooth migration experience, including enhancing customer service teams and launching a dedicated online education section on its website. Customers are encouraged to follow the company’s guidance closely to ensure a successful update.

To aid in the migration, Liberty offers specific tips for device preparation, such as updating operating systems on Apple and Samsung devices and keeping the device connected to Wi-Fi. Other recommendations include enabling Data Roaming and downloading WhatsApp for communication during potential service interruptions.

Following the completion of the migration process, Liberty customers can anticipate a simplified billing system, improved account management, and seamless access to sales and customer service through various platforms, according to a statement on Wednesday.

Maywahlall also outlined the broader benefits of the migration, noting Liberty’s commitment to innovation, significant infrastructure investments, job creation, and community support through donations to non-profit organizations. He emphasized Liberty’s focus on becoming a world-class telecommunications provider dedicated entirely to the USVI market.

Customers facing issues post-migration are advised to contact Liberty’s Mobile Customer Service at  1(833) 641-3035, or visit a local Liberty store for assistance. Those awaiting migration or with questions can reach  by calling 611 or 1(800) 331-0500.

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