Carnival Meets the Runway Is Back, Better Than Ever

Entertainment Published On October 19, 2019 04:25 AM
Ernice | October 19, 2019 04:25:39 AM

ST. CROIX -- Alvin Burke's Carnival Meets the Runway -- the event for the past six years that has helped in setting the mood for the Crucian Christmas Festival -- is scheduled for Oct. 26 beginning at 6:00 p.m. at the Caravelle Hotel and Casino. The event is essentially a showcase of what residents and visitors alike should expect to see on the road for the Adults Parade, and it also helps individuals still undecided about which troupe to join.

This year's is the sixth annual event, according to Mr. Burke, who also organizes the popular Soca Monarch event in the Festival Village -- known to have one of the largest Village crowds during the season.

Mr. Burke assembled a good mix of deejays, bands and artists with an aim to up the ante on past shows. The presentation will include entertainment from Pumpa, Poizon Band, Vio International, Francillia Benjamin, Elizabeth Watley, DJ Slik, DJ Karl with Selecta Kuff, and Supa Trackz International. The event will be hosted by Lima Licious.

There will be a special guest performance by popular violinist Mapy.

Troupes participating in this year's event include Regal Dynasty, Prestige Troupe, Savage Festival Troupe, Pure Mas Fun Troupe, Lockhart & Associates Festival Troupe, the Ten Sleepless Knights Cultural Troupe, Prestige Carnival Troupe, the People's Band and Sanctuary Festival Troupe, according to information gleaned for the event's flyer.

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