Another BVI Police Officer is Charged in $250 Million Drug Bust

Crime Published On December 04, 2020 05:24 AM
Ernice Gilbert | December 04, 2020 05:24:52 AM

The Royal Virgin Islands Police Force (R.V.I.P.F.) of the British Virgin Islands  has arrested a second member of its own ranks in the historic drug bust where 2,353 kilograms of cocaine was seized in November, which equates to about $250 million USD — the largest drug confiscation in the British territory's history.

A release issued by the R.V.I.P.F. Thursday identified the second police officer as 32-year-old  Emile Jimenez, who will appear before the BVI Magistrate’s Court at the next available court date.

The police officer was charged with one count of being concerned in the supply of a controlled drug to another, three counts of unlawful possession of a controlled drug with intent to supply, one count of keeping a firearm without a license, and one count of unlawful possession of a prohibited weapon.

“This arrest is as a result of ongoing investigations in the cocaine seized in Balsum Ghut in early November. Inquiries are continuing in the matter,” said the R.V.I.P.F.

The cocaine was seized in a house belonging to Darren Davis, 41, who has been a police officer in the BVI for 20 years. The operation was conducted by a special BVI police unit handpicked to lead the high-stakes effort. At the time, investigators were preparing a probe into Mr. Davis and his brother, Liston Davis, both of whom have been arrested.

"This is not the work of a few criminals sneaking through the cracks or a one off. A seizure of this scale, especially when combined with other seizures made in recent months, is strong evidence of serious and organized criminality here in BVI," said outgoing BVI Governor Augustus Jaspert. "The investigation is at an early stage, but regrettably, the involvement of a police officer indicates that there may be pockets of corruption facilitating this kind of illicit activity. It is important that we act fast to eliminate and prevent this corruption from growing further."

BVI Police Commissioner Mick Mathews lauded the officers who conducted the successful operation. "I have nothing but praise for the brave work of my team," he said on Twitter. The commissioner said some individuals fled the premises during the operation. The BVI police force has tapped the United Kingdom for support, and more arrests were likely, the commissioner said.

The cocaine was found hidden in 63 bundles in three vehicles at the house of Darren Davis, the police officer.





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