Senator Gittens Tests Positive for Covid-19

  • Staff Consortium
  • August 17, 2020

Senator Kenneth Gittens By. VI LEGISLATURE

Senator Kenneth Gittens on Monday announced that he has tested positive for the novel coronavirus. 

The senator said he began experiencing some of the symptoms associated with the deadly pathogen early last week and decided to get tested. “Once I started feeling some of the symptoms like the coughing, headache, joint pain and loss of taste, I contacted one of our healthcare facilities so that I can get tested, know my status and protect those around me,” Mr. Gittens said.

The senator said since testing positive on Monday, he has notified the few people that he has had close contact with in the last few days so that they can evaluate their health and decide their actions forward. “My symptoms appear to be very mild but I do intend to follow all of the doctor’s order closely and quarantine for at least the next 14 days,” he said.  

Mr. Gittens encouraged the community to be considerate of the people around them by adhering to social distancing mandates, washing hands often and wearing face coverings. He said everyone should pay attention to their health and if they develop any symptoms, they should monitor them and follow the recommendations of the Center for Disease Control and the Department of Health.  

“No matter how careful we think we are, anyone can be infected. I ask everyone to keep me in their prayers for my continued health and strength as I go through this situation,” Mr. Gittens concluded. 


Correction: Monday, August 17, 2020

A previous version of this story, because of an error from the Office of Senator Kenneth Gittens, stated that Mr. Gittens tested positive Tuesday, when he actually tested positive Monday. The story has updated to reflect the correct information.

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