Bryan to Position USVI as New Financial Hub in Caribbean Region For Publicly Traded Companies During Meetings With New York Stock Exchange Executives

Business Published On March 22, 2023 05:56 PM
Staff Consortium | March 22, 2023 05:56:53 PM

August 19, 2022: New York Stock Exchange at Wall Street in New York, NY. By GETTY IMAGES

Government House announced Wednesday that Governor Albert Bryan is leading a USVI delegation of representatives from the public and private sectors for a meeting with New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) senior management executives and other meetings on Friday, where they will discuss collaborative opportunities between the U.S. Virgin Islands and representatives of the public and private business sectors in New York.

In addition, New York City Mayor Eric Adams, members of his Administration, other high-level New York City officials, along with other prominent stakeholders of the New York business community, will host Governor Bryan during a USVI-New York Summit, organized by the St. Croix Economic Development Initiative (SEDI), the administration said.

Governor Bryan also will participate in a Memorandum of Understanding signing with the Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce and Greater New York Chamber of Commerce, for greater cooperation and engagement of business exchanges between New York and the USVI.

“I look forward to my visit to the New York Stock Exchange and the economic development meetings with the New York business community,” Governor Bryan said. “This visit opens up opportunities to explore developing economic partnerships to create new markets and position the U.S. Virgin Islands as the new financial center hub in the Caribbean region for publicly traded companies.”

SEDI is a Saint Croix based nonprofit organization that serves as a macroeconomic and public policy think tank in the areas of business, economic development, and capital markets formation and structures, Gov't House said. SEDI is also introducing and launching its Caribbean Americas Single Economy (CASE) regional project initiative in New York during the USVI delegation’s New York visit.

“We are pleased to welcome Governor Bryan, Mayor Adams and members of their delegations to the New York Stock Exchange for a robust conversation on economic development,” said John Tuttle, NYSE vice-chairman and president of the NYSE Institute. “These discussions highlight the great opportunities that can be created by leveraging public- and private-sector collaboration and our U.S. capital markets.”

The SEDI-CASE New York Summit is an effort to position the territory to be a gateway to help facilitate companies with going public throughout the Americas and the Caribbean and gain better access to the U.S. capital markets.

“The New York business and public sector communities are excited about the USVI Delegation visit being led by Governor Bryan because of the shared history of people, technology and communication infrastructures and exponential ecosystem expansion,” said Anthony Weeks, an economic envoy to Taiwan and the Asia-Pacific region in the Americas. “Some of the areas of focus for the New York meetings will be international trade; commerce; capital finance and investments; transportation logistics; tourism; and education and workforce development between the USVI and New York.”

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