Historic St. Croix Avis Newspaper to Cease Publication After 180 Years

The longstanding St. Croix Avis newspaper announces its closure, concluding a remarkable 180-year journey with the community

  • Ernice Gilbert
  • December 31, 2023

The St. Croix Avis building in La Grande Princesse, St. Croix USVI By. V.I. CONSORTIUM/ERNICE GILBERT

The St. Croix Avis, a newspaper with a storied 180-year history serving the people of St. Croix, has announced it will soon cease operations. The news marks the end of a significant chapter in the territory's media landscape.

In a heartfelt message to readers, the newspaper expressed deep appreciation for the community's support over the years. The St. Croix Avis, established in 1844, attributed its long-standing operation to the Moravian Church's insistence that the enslaved learn to read and write, which was instrumental in the newspaper's founding to ensure a literate Black population.

The publication's owner, Rena Brodhurst, cited the inability to compete in today's environment, particularly against the backdrop of free social media and what she described as the mass emailing of newspapers, as reasons for its closure. Acknowledging the challenges of fulfilling its mission in the digital age, the newspaper lamented that it could no longer provide the community with daily news and entertainment.

The Avis paid tribute to Canute A. Brodhurst Sr., who led the newspaper from 1940 to 1980, praising his dedication to the people's right to know. Despite efforts to continue this legacy, the Avis confirmed that it would discontinue printing its daily newspaper once the final shipment of newsprint is exhausted.

The impending closure reflects broader trends impacting print media globally. Yet, the Avis leaves behind a legacy of literacy and community service. It stands as a testament to the territory's rich history and its people's resilience and commitment to staying informed.

As the Avis prepares to sign off, it extended gratitude to its readership, celebrating the shared journey of knowledge and growth. 

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