Children's Author Kim Adams Turns Stories Written for Son Into Award-Winning, Bestselling Book Series

  • Elesha George
  • September 06, 2022

Children's Author Kim Adams

Kim Adams has sold more books than an average self-published author since starting her writing career in 2020 during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Her latest writing — the Billy Be Kind series — has been dubbed a 5-star, Award-Winning book series and an Amazon Best Seller. The series include three published books and four soon to be released titles for children ages 2-5. She hopes to have the latter published by the end of 2022.

Ms. Adams's illustrator, Ayesha Warusavitharana is also a self-taught artist. From an early age, she loved drawing and exploring her innate artistic ability. As an adult, Ayesha began working with independent children authors creating illustrations that brought their stories to life. She has since then illustrated over 50 books and counting.

However, when Ms. Adams published her first book she had no idea that it would develop into the kind of literature that are sold at libraries and used as reference reading material for children at the elementary school level. "My second edition of my book is because I know I could do better," she remarked, trying to remember when her career as an author first took off. 

Born in Dominica, W.I., and raised on St. Croix USVI, Ms. Adams writes books she wished she had read as a young child. “I believe the best time to teach valuable lessons and cultivate socially and emotionally aware children is from an early age.”

Now, as an adult her entrance into published literary work has been heavily influenced by her children – her oldest son who convinced her to begin writing books, and her young daughter who unintentionally helped name the Billy Be Kind series which is becoming quite the success story.

“I never read him [first-born son] books, I always created books for him when he was really little,” she said, as she recalled writing down stories in pen on sheets of paper.

“So, he would say 'mom, do one about a dinosaur' and I would create an entire story for him and the night after he would say, 'say that same story about the dinosaur' and I would say I can’t remember it. And he said to me write it down – so I started writing it down,” she explained. 

"He always encouraged me to write it down," Ms. Adams told the Consortium, remembering that, “We had a ton of little books that I wrote because of the things he was interested in.”

It was his encouragement during the pandemic which led Ms. Adams to begin to publish her stories. 

Meanwhile, the name “Billy” from her popular children book series was the name of one of her daughter's dolls – a name she felt would work perfectly for her new stint. 

“I’ve always taught my children to lead with kindness and Billy was just one of the names that she always named her dolls,” she shared. 

Ms. Adams said she has always allowed God to lead her decisions and has encouraged others to do the same. “I always wanted to write a graphic novel but when I started writing, he led me to children – right back to where I first started.” 

“I’m really pushing through with my faith,” she said, acknowledging the many obstacles that would hinder someone’s destiny if they are not determined to succeed. 

The Billy Be Kind Children series is a collection of short, rhyming stories with important lessons simplified for young readers. The series offer colorful illustrations, diverse characters and engaging stories that help children thrive to reach their full potential.   

“I am on a mission to close the diversity gap in the children’s book industry and do my part to represent children that rarely see themselves represented in literature,” she said. 

The Bill Be Kind series and more of Kim’s books can be found on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Walmart, Target, popular books stores and in many libraries and classrooms across the United States and Canada. 

Editorial reviews: Readers Favorite and Literary Titan 

Awards: Literary Titan Gold Award. This award is bestowed to books that are found to be perfect in their delivery of original content. Reader's Favorite Award.

Books titles scheduled to be released 2022-2023:

  • Billy Be Kind: Big Emotions 
  • Billy Be Kind: It’s Not My Fault
  • Billy Be Kind: Sharing 
  • Billy Be Kind: I Believe In Me 


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