VI Consortium Announces its iOS and Android App Available Now

Site News Published On June 11, 2020 05:14 AM
Staff Consortium | June 11, 2020 05:14:52 AM

Screenshots of the VI Consortium app homepage By VI CONSORTIUM

Never miss a Virgin Islands or Caribbean breaking news story from VI Consortium again.

The firm on Thursday announced the launch of its app for iPhones and phones using Google's Android software. According to company founder Ernice Gilbert, the app has been years in the making, and represents yet another step in VI Consortium's continuous push to provide first-rate products to U.S. Virgin Islanders both at home and abroad, and the wider Caribbean.

"I am extremely proud of the final product that we've been able to create after years of work," said Mr. Gilbert. "Now you won't have to miss important stories published on the Consortium, because you'll receive notifications only for stories we deem breaking or essential."

Mr. Gilbert said once users accept the prompt to receive notifications from the app after it has been installed on a device, the breaking news notifications will be sent directly to your phones. Once the notification is clicked on, it takes users straight to the story.

The app can be downloaded and installed here.

At the top of the app are important categories found on the site, some of which will interchange depending on immediate value. For example, the app currently has the "Coronavirus" category center atop. That will change later to include the "Hurricane Season" category as we get closer to the stormy season's peak.

For Mr. Gilbert, the app represents an important milestone for how Virgin Islanders and the wider Caribbean consume their news and, he said, the ease of which said news is consumed as well. "Normally you would have to go to our website for the breaking news stories, or even email and then click on a link from the email to then go to a page on the website for the full story. While there's great value in visiting the website for all content, and users are encouraged to continue doing so, now, simply click the notification on your phone and the breaking news story is at your fingertips," he said.



Get the latest news straight to your phone with the VI Consortium app.