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Senate Bill Aims to Combat 'Revenge Porn' in the Virgin Islands

  • Nelcia Charlemagne
  • February 14, 2024

A bill introduced to the Senate on Tuesday hopes to protect victims whose sexually explicit images have been shared without their consent – a practice often called “revenge porn” –  as well as prevent such instances in the future.  Senator Donna Frett-Gregory, introducing Bill 35-0182 to the Committee on Homeland Security, Justice and Public Safety, observed that with the current age of technology “more and more people are becoming victims in a whole new way.” The measure, if ultimately passed into law, would amend Title 14, Chapter 51 of Virgin Islands Code by designating the existing provisions as subchapter I and adding a subchapter II relating to the non-consensual dissemination of sexually explicit images. Under the proposed legislation, the first offense would be a misdemeanor offense with a prison term not exceeding one year, and future offenses would be deemed a felony. The statute of limitations for filing a criminal complaint will be two years after the victim becomes aware ...