Chucky Hansen Employed by Bryan Administration at PFA With $110,000 Salary; Job Description Unknown

Politics Published On April 22, 2022 10:14 AM
Ernice Gilbert | April 22, 2022 10:14:24 AM
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Former Senator Alicia "Chucky" Hansen.

Former Senator Alicia "Chucky" Hansen has been hired by the Bryan administration to work at the Public Finance Authority, according to Senate documents published today and persons with knowledge of the matter.

Mrs. Hansen, who receives a pension for her years in the Senate, is being paid $110,000 at the PFA, though her job description is unknown.

Calls placed to Ms. Hansen for comment were not immediately returned. Governor Albert Bryan did not respond to a request for comment regarding Mrs. Hansen's position at the PFA. 

Government House Communications Director Richard Motta, when asked about Mrs. Hansen's job description, told the Consortium to reach out to the PFA. Calls placed to the PFA were not immediately returned. 

As part of her employment, Mrs. Hansen was also provided with a brand new Honda vehicle for transportation, according to people with knowledge of the employment. 

Mrs. Hansen has a radio program called "Keeping in Touch", where she has been known to be critical of the Bryan administration and other community matters. In recent times, the governor has received some praise from Mrs. Hansen, including for his efforts in saving the Government Employees' Retirement System.

"I am extremely happy that the Bryan-Roach administration made a move and formula that worked because we saw the money going into the bank at G.E.R.S. — over $89 million. So I am grateful that they were able to do that," Ms. Hansen said in the latest episode of her program, published on April 16.


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