Julie German Evert Becomes First U.S. Virgin Islands Attorney Admitted to International Academy of Family Lawyers

Julie Evert's pioneering role in mediation within the U.S. Virgin Islands legal system recognized

  • Staff Consortium
  • January 11, 2024

Julie German Evert

The Law Office of Julie German Evert, P.C. announced Thursday that Julie German Evert, Esq., a family law attorney, has become the first U.S. Virgin Islands legal professional admitted to the International Academy of Family Lawyers (IAFL).

The IAFL is a global association of practicing attorneys, acknowledged as leading family law specialists in their countries. Evert’s entry into this elite group is a significant career milestone, emphasizing her commitment to family law.

Evert, also the founder and former president of the American Mediation Institute, pioneered mediation in the U.S. Virgin Islands legal system in the early 1990s. She has extensive experience in diverse family law areas, including divorce, child custody, and international family law issues.

According to the release, her IAFL admission reflects her professionalism, deep family law knowledge, and dedication to clients. Evert expressed humility and pride in her recognition by the IAFL, noting its enhancement of her international family law services.

This achievement not only marks Evert's personal success but also highlights the U.S. Virgin Islands' increasing prominence in the international legal community. Evert continues to lead and inspire in her field, within the U.S. Virgin Islands and globally.

For more information about Evert and her services, visit JulieEvertLaw.com.

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