Odors Continue to Affect West Side of St. Croix, Residents Say, But Refining at Limetree Has Been Shutdown Since Last Wednesday

Health Published On May 19, 2021 06:28 AM
Staff Consortium | May 19, 2021 06:28:50 AM


ST. CROIX — Limetree Bay Energy said Tuesday it was aware of persistent odor complaints across St. Croix and reaffirmed that the refinery has ceased operating.  

The company said it immediately suspended operations after last Wednesday’s flare incident, which resulted in a release of oil to several Frederiksted neighborhoods. The company said all refining had been discontinued by Thursday morning.  Residents may have observed activity at the flare within the last several days, however this is a normal part of the process for safely securing a refinery for an extended shutdown and is caused by the purging of gases from the refinery’s equipment to the flare, where they are safely burned. 

This process will continue for a few more days, after which the flare will be shut off, the company said.

Limetree assured residents that "the refinery’s shutdown activities are not likely to cause such widespread odors detectable outside of the facility," and that it will "continue to cooperate with the EPA and local regulators to identify and address the source of any odor attributable to refinery activities."

Residents who think their property may have been impacted by the recent release are encouraged to contact Limetree Bay’s Incident Hotline at (340) 692-3199.



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