These are the Committees of the 34th Legislature and the Senators Who Will Chair Them

Government Published On January 13, 2021 03:10 AM
Staff Consortium | January 13, 2021 03:10:01 AM

Gavel of the Senate president is passed from Sen. Novelle Francis, president of the 33rd Legislature, to Sen. Donna Frett-Gregory, president of the 34th, on Monday, Jan. 11, 2021. By BARRY LEERDAM, LEGISLATURE OF THE VIRGIN ISLANDS

The 34th Legislature, led by Senate President Donna Frett-Gregory and Majority Leader Marvin Blyden, has announced the committees of the body and lawmakers who will chair them. Also announced was the full list of Majority Caucus members and officers of the newly elected body.

Committees are as follows: 

  • Committee on Rules and Judiciary - Chair: Sen. Milton Potter
  • Committee on Finance - Chair: Sen. Kurt A. Vialet
  • Committee on Health, Hospitals and Human Services - Chair: Sen. Novelle E. Francis, Jr.
  • Committee on Education and Workforce Development - Chair: Sen. Genevieve Whitaker
  • Committee on Disaster Recovery and Infrastructure - Chair: Sen. Janelle K. Sarauw
  • Committee on Economic Development & Agriculture - Chair: Sen. Kenneth L. Gittens
  • Committee on Homeland Security, Justice, and Public Safety - Chair: Sen. Steven D. Payne, Sr.
  • Committee on Government Operations and Consumer Protection - Chair: Sen. Carla Joseph
  • Committee on Housing, Transportation, and Telecommunications - Chair: Sen. Marvin A. Blyden
  • Committee on Youth, Sports, Parks, and Recreation - Chair: Sen. Samuel Carrion
  • Committee on the Whole - Chair: Sen. Donna A. Frett-Gregory - Vice Chair: Sen. Novelle E. Francis, Jr.


Members of the Majority Caucus:

  • Sen. Marvin A. Blyden
  • Sen. Samuel Carrion
  • Sen. Novelle E. Francis, Jr.
  • Sen. Donna A. Frett-Gregory
  • Sen. Kenneth L. Gittens
  • Sen. Carla Joseph
  • Sen. Steven D. Payne, Sr.
  • Sen. Milton E. Potter
  • Sen. Janelle K. Sarauw
  • Sen. Kurt A. Vialet
  • Sen. Genevieve Whitaker



  • Sen. Donna A. Frett-Gregory: President
  • Sen. Novelle E. Francis, Jr.: Vice President, Secretary for Intergovernmental and Territorial Affairs
  • Sen. Genevieve Whitaker: Legislative Secretary, Liaison to the United States Department of Interior and Office of Insular Affairs
  • Sen. Marvin A. Blyden: Majority Leader
  • Sen. Kenneth L. Gittens: Liaison to the White House



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