No $1,400 Stimulus Payments This Week; Bryan Says $600 Checks Must Go Out First, Asks Community to be Patient

Government Published On April 19, 2021 05:40 PM
Ernice Gilbert | April 19, 2021 05:40:25 PM

Last week, the Bryan administration said the government had received funds from the U.S. Treasury for the $1,400 stimulus payments to Virgin Islanders as part of the latest Covid-19 aid bill, and that payments could start going out as early as this week.

But Mr. Bryan walked back the expectation of payments this week during the administration's Covid-19 response press briefing Monday and asked Virgin Islanders to be patient.

"I know somebody's on the chat asking, 'when are we going to get the checks,'" Mr. Bryan said, referring to Virgin Islanders on the Gov't House Facebook feed. "Listen, our IRB (Bureau of Internal Revenue) director (Joel Lee) went over and beyond and extended his deadline to make sure that people could get checks for the $600. He's making sure we get all those checks out and then we're going to be sending out the $1,400. So we're still sending out $600 checks; if you haven't gotten yours you're going to get one soon, and then we'll start sending out the $1,400."

Mr. Bryan added, "So that money is rolling out; it's not going anywhere. Just be a little patient, you'll get it."



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