Court Grants Bryan's Request to Seal Divorce Proceedings

The Superior Court accedes to keeping the dissolution of Governor Bryan's marriage away from public scrutiny

  • Janeka Simon
  • January 03, 2024

First Lady Yolanda Bryan spotted without security detail on Dec. 18 entering the T-Mobile store in Peter's Rest. By. V.I. CONSORTIUM

The V.I. Superior Court has granted Governor Albert Bryan's request to seal proceedings in his divorce from First Lady Yolanda Bryan. The case, ST-2023-DI-00113, no longer appears on the court docket for the District of St. Thomas/St. John. 

Last November, Governor Bryan appealed to the courts to allow the divorce petition, which he initiated, to be filed under seal. His attorney argued that the matter would generate unwanted publicity which would potentially "adversely affect his wife and two children."

The lawyer also argued that the dissolution of the governor's marriage is a "private matter which does not merit public inquiry.

Despite Governor Bryan's apparent concern for the welfare of his wife, Virgin Islands society has been buzzing about his seeming elevation of a female friend into the spotlight. At the official Government House Christmas party on St. Thomas in December, it was not the First Lady who welcomed guests but Governor Bryan's companion, with whom he danced and embraced during the festivities. 

During an exclusive interview with the Consortium in October, Governor Bryan promised that an official statement on the couple's divorce would be forthcoming when the time was right. Until then, he sought to placate his constituents concerned that his private life might affect his ability to effectively govern the territory. "That's not the issue with me," Mr. Bryan said. "I think we're moving along at a good pace, we're having a good year."

Despite his confidence, the governor's marital woes have captured the imagination of the public, with last night's Calypso Monarch winner LadyMac referencing a rumored incident at Government House during her performance.

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