New Calypso Queen Crowned on St. Croix

Entertainment Published On December 28, 2019 06:47 AM
Staff Consortium | December 28, 2019 06:47:05 AM

Blackness, the new Crucian Christmas Festival Calypso Queen

ST. CROIX — After winning four Crucian Christmas Festival Calypso Monarch titles and one VI Carnival Calypso Monarch crown, Caribbean Queen, whose given name is Temisha Libert — who as of Friday held the title in the St. Croix Calypso Monarch — was dethroned by a newcomer to the competition named Blakness during the finals on Friday.

Blakness won the crown with two powerful songs titled "What For" and "Nowhere Else Like the Caribbean". Both songs were also very well received by the audience.

Yet even with Caribbean Queen being dethroned, the five-time champion still took the first runner-up spot, followed by King Pat in the second runner-up position.

According to renowned VI MC Daren Stevens, known as Bogle, the event, held at the Island Center for the Performing Arts, had a packed and responsive audience. Even the bar sold out, he said.

Blakness will most likely participate in the VI Carnival (St. Thomas Carnival) Calypso Competition next year.

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