Caroline Fawkes Retains Elections Supervisor Position With 10 Percent Pay Increase; Deputies Given Salary Increases As Well

Election Published On October 16, 2021 02:21 AM
Kyle Murphy | October 16, 2021 02:21:59 AM

Elections Supervisor Caroline Fawkes in 2018 on deceased former Senator Holland Redfield's "Straight Talk" Radio Show. By FACEBOOK

The V.I. Board of Elections on Friday approved the recommendation of the Personal Committee to retain Caroline Fawkes as the Elections System supervisor for another 8-year term. Mrs. Fawkes, who has been serving in her capacity as supervisor for more than eight years (August 2013), was also given a 10 percent salary increase, bringing her annual pay to $95,897. The salaries of Deputy Supervisors Terrell Alexandre and Kevermay Douglas were increased by 10 percent as well. 

Board member Lydia Hendricks said the Personal Committee met on October 5 “to scrutinize the candidates who interviewed for the position of Supervisor of Elections, and we are now bring forth Ms. Fawkes name for us to retain her in that position with a salary increase of 10 percent, which will bring her to $95,897 dollars.”   

The motion to sustain the recommendation to keep Mrs. Fawkes in her position passed with a vote of nine yeas, one nay, two not voting and two absent. The motion to increase her salary passed with a vote of nine yeas, two nays, and three absent. 

The motion to increase the salaries of deputy supervisors Kevermay Douglas to $80,640 and Terrell Alexandre to $78,400 passed with 11 yes votes and three absent.

Board of Elections Chairman Raymond Willams said he would notify those who are to receive the salary increases in writing, as well as those who interviewed for the position of supervisor to inform them that they did not receive the position.

Board members who voted in favor of retaining Mrs. Fawkes were Ms. Hendricks, Alecia Wells, Frederik Espinosa, Shikima Jones, Vice Chair Atanya Springette, Angeli Leerdam, Board Secretary Lilliana Belardo De O'Neal, Mr. Williams and Lisa Harris-Moorhead. 

Voting not to rehire Ms. Fawkes was board member Epiphane Joseph. Board members Harriet Mercer and Barbara Jackson-McIntosh did not vote.



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