V.I. Board of Education Approves 25 Professional Staff Certifications for New Teachers Across Territory

Education Published On May 27, 2023 04:57 AM
Staff Consortium | May 27, 2023 04:57:44 AM


The V.I. Board of Education during a special board meeting Friday met to review and approve the Professional Staff Certification and Higher Education Committee's recommendations for teacher certifications in both educational districts.

The Professional Staff Certification and Higher Education Committee scrutinizes the credentials of professional staff to ensure they meet the qualifications needed for certification in alignment with the Board’s policies. Additionally, the committee facilitates courses and workshops that offer valuable resources for professional staff applicants seeking certification.

In the St. Thomas/St. John District, 14 applications were approved; 11 were granted regular certifications and 5 received conditional certification. Meanwhile, for the St. Croix District, a total of 11 individuals were greenlit for certification - 8 regular certifications and 7 conditional certifications. Dr. Kyza Callwood,  Board of Education chair, explained the apparent mathematical discrepancies by noting that one applicant can seek certification in more than one area.

The certifications, while important milestones for the recipients, also represent a promising step forward for the wider Virgin Islands educational system, which is suffering from a chronic lack of suitably trained teachers.

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