Dr. David Hall Receives Glowing Commendations Ahead of Retirement as UVI’s President

Under Dr. Hall's guidance, UVI introduced key academic programs and pursued the vision of becoming a leading institution in the Caribbean

  • Nelcia Charlemagne
  • May 11, 2024

Outgoing UVI President Dr. David Hall By. V.I. CONSORTIUM

The 60th Commencement of the University of the Virgin Islands was the final for its president David Hall, who will retire shortly after 15 years of service and dedication to the institution of higher learning.

Throughout the two-day graduation exercise, Dr. Hall received glowing commendations from government leaders and his colleagues at UVI. Among them was Governor Albert Bryan who remarked that Dr. Hall’s tenure was a marked success. “When you look around the university, there's no denying it,” he attested. 

For Senator Marvin Blyden, who spoke during Thursday’s commencement ceremony on St. Thomas, said Dr. Hall “has proven to be relentless in terms of being innovative.” He reflected on the strides made by Dr. Hall on his mission to “make UVI the principal institution of higher learning in the Caribbean.” Though he expressed that the university still has quite a way to go, he thanked Dr. Hall for “leading us further along this journey.” 

On Friday, Senate President Novelle Francis grabbed the opportunity to remind the graduating class that Dr. Hall was “responsible for leading this UVI team to numerous new programs to include our doctoral programs [and our] certification programs.” Dr. Hall was also instrumental in the promise of a medical school at UVI, despite several setbacks. Wishing him well in his future endeavors, Senator Francis thanked Dr. Hall for his unwavering efforts to “move this University of the Virgin Islands forward.”

Dr. Hall’s tenure at UVI was marked with integrity, remarked Vice Chair of the Board of Trustees Oran Roebuck. “His visionary approach, dedication, and unwavering commitment to excellence have nurtured thousands of changemakers,” she said. Calling Dr. Hall a “great man,” Ms. Roebuck reflected that he “undoubtedly had a positive impact on many without fear of contradiction.” 

Dr. Hall became UVI’s fifth president on August 1st, 2009. In his Convocation address, he announced that he would “give this community the license to dream again, to believe in each other again, and to reach for the stars of greatness." Among his many accomplishments are the introduction of a Master of Arts in Counseling Psychology and a Bachelor of Business Administration in Hospitality and Tourism Management degree programs, as well as an Institute for Leadership and Institutional Effectiveness. 

President Hall was born in Savannah, Georgia, played professional basketball in Italy, and holds educational qualifications in the legal field with over 25 years of experience teaching law.

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