Magnitude 7.7 Earthquake Affects Jamaica and Cuba

Disaster Preparedness Published On January 28, 2020 03:33 PM
Staff Consortium | January 28, 2020 03:33:38 PM

JAMAICA — A massive earthquake with a preliminary magnitude of 7.7 (emergency services had first reported a preliminary magnitude of 7.3) has impacted the waters between Jamaica and Cuba, according multiple emergency services, including the Virgin Islands Territorial Emergency Management Agency. 

According to VI Consortium reporter in Jamaica, Deandra Goss, schools and work places have been evacuated and a tsunami warning has been issued. The earthquake was felt island-wide, she said.

Delegate to Congress Stacey Plaskett said she had spoke to her colleagues on providing support. “All the people of Jamaica and Cuba should know that Americans everywhere are praying for them. I am concerned with the climate activity in the Caribbean Basin and have spoken with Chairman Eliot Engel of the House Foreign Affairs Committee and other Members of Congress about providing support which the region may need after such an event," she said. “We all are aware that severe earthquakes are possible at any moment and we must be prepared. My office will continue to work to ensure communities in the Caribbean are prepared for any disaster.”


The following parameters are based on a preliminary rapid assessment of the earthquake and changes may occur, VITEMA said.

* Magnitude 7.3

* Origin Time 310 Pm Ast Jan 28 2020

* Coordinates 19.3 North 78.8 West

* Depth 6 Miles / 10 Km

* Location Cuba Region


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