New, Tropical, and Bright: Brunch at Caroline's

Culinary Published On February 03, 2021 05:16 AM
Kia Griffith | February 03, 2021 05:16:13 AM


Today marks opening day for what assistant director of food and beverage Ashlyn Dumas called a bright, tropical, and inviting new breakfast and brunch spot—Caroline’s St. Croix.

Caroline’s is conveniently sandwiched between Breakers Roar Tiki Bar and Cream & Co St. Croix, on the same stretch as the King Christian Hotel (all of which are under the parent company Neighborhood Establishment). They will be open 7 days a week from 7:00 a.m.-2:00 p.m. Reserve only for parties of six or more. If unable to dine-in, curbside pickup for takeout orders at the loop behind the scale house is available.

The restaurant hosted a soft opening last Saturday with about 25 guests on staggered entry between 10:00 a.m.-12:00 p.m., shared barista and hostess Ayanna Willie, during an interview with The Consortium. “It was just a handful of people. Everyone loved the floral designs and were amazed at the floors and prints. Everyone complemented the food,” Ms. Willie said. 

The interior design of all of Neighborhood Establishment’s businesses was done by Chris Pardo, the co-founder and managing member. Mr. Pardo is a world-renowned architect and interior designer of 18 years. In an interview with VIC, he shared, “In contrast to Breakers dark, moody, nautical décor, Caroline’s is a bright, tropical celebration of color.” The entry and bar area to Caroline’s provides a smooth transition from Breakers Roar into the pink flamboyance of the dining room at Caroline’s, according to Ms. Dumas.

From the beginning stages of menu creation to final curation, Ms. Dumas played a vital role. While this writer was on tour of the establishment, she expressed that the menu consists of a classic breakfast with house-made pastries, cocktails curated by St. Croix’s own Jahmani Johnson, high-quality coffee drinks made with VI Coffee Roasters, and a variety of options for vegans, vegetarians, and gluten-free consumers. Do not forget to try their sparkling wine options with varied berries. There will be mimosas made with local juices that are in season, because what is brunch without a mimosa?

Fresh catch seafood will be served on special. Chef Mark Davis said the kitchen may be cooking up something inspired by a traditional Crucian breakfast during March for VI History Month. 

Visit Caroline’s if you agree with Mr. Pardo’s sentiments as said, “Brunch should be fun; it should be social, and it should be beautiful!” He said he hopes that Caroline’s will provide the background to great conversations, new friendships, and great memories. Check out their Facebook and Instagram pages to tease your eyes and palette.

If interested in applying for a position with Neighborhood Establishment, email Ms. Dumas at [email protected]. Ideal candidates must have prior restaurant experience, an island spirit, a high energy or spirit, and utilize Crucian greetings.


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