Island Vybez Promotions Opens Island Vybez Delihub, 'Bakery With a Twist' Serving Up a Variety of Local Cuisine and More

Culinary Published On March 09, 2021 07:33 AM
Ernice Gilbert | March 09, 2021 07:33:33 AM

ST. CROIX — Perhaps you've attended Island Vybez Promotions' Sunny Side Up events at the Diageo Visitor Center. Maybe you've gathered your family and close friends on the company's party bus for a night full of, well, vibes. Or you may have experienced one of the company's concerts, including when Island Vybez brought international dancehall star Shenseea to St. Croix and St. Thomas.

One thing all of these offerings have in common is excellent execution. This reporter, having attended a number of Island Vybez Promotions affairs, can attest to the work that goes into making each event a success. 

Now, the company has launched Island Vybez Delihub, located in the Sion Farm Shopping Center immediately next to the Beijing Restaurant and in the vicinity of the new Falcon Gas Station. Co-owner Theo Sutherland has quintessentially described the new spot as a "bakery with a twist," providing everything from bread, to Crucian Breakfast, and a variety of lunch offerings. Island Vybez Promotions is known for its famous Mimosa drinks available at all of its events, and the company has brought its signature offering to the deli. 

Co-owner of the deli hub, Jervain Richardson, said people can expect a variety of foods from well-known chefs on St. Croix, as the company incorporates locals known for preparing mouthwatering dishes into its menu. 

"People can expect a nice wholesome atmosphere where you could come and get all your local, favorite foods, locally made bread, sandwich and just a nice place where you can relax," Mr. Richardson said. The spot also facilitates professionals looking to work while on a break, providing high speed internet to that end. "Get some coffee, some tea, some locally made drinks and just enjoy yourself," Mr. Richardson added.

Island Vybez Deli Hub opened in earnest on Saturday and saw strong support, which only grew greater as the lunch hour approached. By the time this reporter arrived to the location about 2:30 p.m. Saturday, employees had already changed a number of food trays emptied by patrons eager to try the new location's dishes.

On the menu, the offerings a plenty. Lunch, for example, includes guava BBQ chicken, stew beef and shrimp in butter sauce. Sides include white or seasoned rice, stew beans, vegetable medley and baked macaroni. There's also a fried foods menu and a rich breakfast menu. See full offerings here.

"Everybody knows you could come to a bakery and get hot butter bread and cheese, your bush tea, your ginger tea — we have all of that. But at the same time you have people going to work at 5 in the morning. To be able to stop in and actually get real food, get scrambled eggs, pancakes, bacon, salt fish — it's for convenience," said Mr. Sutherland.

The business is owned by Mr. Sutherland and Mr. Richardson, two local millennials who are intent on continuing their partnerships with the aim of not only finding success as they have in their other ventures, but also serving as an example to young, Black males that partnering is a way of building wealth.

"I feel as millennials it's our time," said Mr. Richardson. "It's our time to start looking into more businesses, more land, more opportunities right now. It's best you find somebody that you really trust as a brother, somebody you really know and just try to do stuff. It's our time."

Mr. Sutherland added, "I would encourage people to team up because too often you see people trying to fight each other down. And you see people in other cultures, they always help each other out. They pool their money and start something huge, and they just takeover... We need to start to do that. Instead of fighting each other down, support each other more locally and then things will start to happen for us. Hopefully it works and we set an example for people coming in the future that it does work and hopefully we could be an example that not being selfish actually pays off."

Island Vybez Delihub is open Mon.-Sun. from 5:00 a.m.

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