Woman Charged With Child Neglect After Reportedly Leaving Minor Children At Home Alone To Go Partying

Local woman faces felony charges for allegedly leaving children unattended while attending a late-night event

  • Janeka Simon
  • May 14, 2024


ST. CROIX — A woman is now facing felony child neglect charges after her daughter told police that she was left alone with her little brother while their mother went to a party. 

Last Thursday, May 9, police received a call about a 3-year-old child found walking in the Breezewood Villas apartment complex. Two officers on patrol were dispatched to investigate, and at about 10:30 p.m., the officers spoke with a neighbor who said she saw the toddler around 9 o’clock the same night. The neighbor quickly realized that the child was alone and was only wearing a shirt and shoes. The good Samaritan fitted the child with a diaper and called 911. 

According to court documents, police went to the apartment the neighbor said the child lived in, and knocked several times with no response. They entered the residence and found nobody inside except another child, who was sleeping in a room that had an unlocked glass sliding door. The sleeping 10-year-old awoke and first told officers that her mother – Ana Felix – had gone to work, before admitting that she had in fact left to attend a party, and would not be home until the morning. The child was unable to provide contact information for Ms. Felix, however, police found multiple mobile phone numbers inside the home. Even so, none of the ten numbers called received any response .

Another neighbor told officers that the matter was a recurring situation, noting that the community has had to step in on numerous occasions to feed the children after they were left unattended by Ms. Felix. Police learned from several other residents that the neighborhood was collectively disgusted by the situation, and concerned about the welfare of the two children. 

From the neighbors, officers received the telephone number of the children’s father. They called him just before midnight to let him know that the minors had been left unattended. He agreed to come pick them up, and informed police that he did not have any contact with Ms. Felix. He expressed his belief that everyone in the apartment complex must have his contact information, as he often receives calls from several unfamiliar numbers to give him information about his daughter. 

While waiting for the father’s arrival, officers attempted to pack an overnight bag for the children, noting that the pair were completely unable to locate any spare clothing, underwear, or diapers.  Once it was time to leave, police also noted that there was no way to secure the house, as the children were unable to provide a key. 

The complex’s maintenance supervisor told police that the older child had once been left outside his office, prompting him to seek assistance from an upstairs neighbor, as he felt uncomfortable being alone in the office with the young child. He told police that he had warned Felix that he would contact the Department of Human Services if the situation re-occurred. 

The next day, Felix was at the Wilbur Francis Command Police Station to report that someone had taken her children away. She reportedly admitted then that they had been left home alone. The investigating officer called Felix after she left the police station, and during that conversation Felix reportedly admitted again, on more than one occasion, that she leaves the children at home on their own because she does not receive any help or child support. She told officers that she was at work on the night in question, but according to documents presented to the court, “refused to give any information as to her whereabouts and occupation.” Felix reportedly hung up and did not answer the officer’s repeated followup calls.

Police eventually made contact with Felix at around 6:00 p.m. on Friday, May 10, once she returned to the residence. She was arrested and charged with child neglect and, unable to pay the $50,000 bail requirement as was initially set, remanded into custody. 

Although Ms. Felix’s advice of rights hearing was held on April 13 before Magistrate Ernest Morris, there are currently no records on the public court docket to indicate the judge’s final decision regarding bail or other conditions of release ahead of trial.

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