Two Women Facing Separate Domestic Violence and Assault Charges

Crime Published On September 26, 2021 06:44 AM
Amanie Mathurin | September 26, 2021 06:44:44 AM

From left to right, Alicia Greenaway and Jahkisha Prescott. By V.I. POLICE DEPARTMENT

ST. CROIX — Two women are facing separate domestic violence-related charges following two unrelated disputes. 

Alicia Greenaway is charged with simple assault and battery as a crime of domestic violence. If convicted, she could face a maximum of six months imprisonment, a fine of not more than $250, or both. 

Police say they were dispatched to Concordia Manner at about 9:45 pm on September 23 in reference to a domestic violence disturbance. There, they made contact with Greenaway who stated she had bought marijuana for her and her ex-boyfriend to smoke, but that she had smoked all because he stated he did not want any. Greenaway claimed that he later got upset and started yelling and cursing at her. She alleges that he was ‘up in her face’ and that he grabbed her by both hands after she swung her hand at him. The defendant admitted to swinging her fist at her ex-boyfriend and bursting his lip. According to the probable cause fact sheet, she told police “Yes! I buss his [expletive] lip, how the [expletive] you mean!” Officers say they asked her numerous times whether her ex-boyfriend hit her and she replied no.

The ex-boyfriend meanwhile told police that they were arguing, but that he did not hit Greenaway. He is quoted as stated, “She buss my [expletive] lip and box me up and ayo ain’t telling she nothing.” Officers reported observing blood on the lower part of his vest, a swollen lip and a scratch to his left hand which was bleeding. Greenaway was subsequently arrested, charged and detained until Friday’s hearing.

Judge Ernest Morris, Jr. granted bail in the sum of $101 cash and an unsecured bond of $899. Greenaway is prohibited from having any direct or indirect contact with the alleged victim, or any witnesses in the matter. 

The same bail conditions were granted to Jahkisha Prescott, another defendant who appeared before Judge Morris on Friday, in relation to a separate matter. Prescott is also charged with simple assault and battery as a crime of domestic violence and could face the same penalty as Greenaway. Prescott is further charged with destruction of property, which carries a maximum of one year imprisonment, a fine not exceeding $200, or both. 

Police say on Thursday September 23, at approximately 12:29 am, officers were dispatched to the Whim ballpark to meet a male individual who reported that his girlfriend broke a window of their residence. When officers initially made contact with the individual, he did not appear to have any visible injuries about his person. He told police that he got into an argument with his girlfriend, Jahkisha Prescott, who is also the mother of his child. According to the man, during the argument, Prescott broke a window in their rented accommodation, which is leased under his name. 

After meeting with police, the man returned to the residence and informed Prescott that he had called law enforcement. He claims that she then gave him the child and slapped him across the face.

Upon contacting the alleged victim for the second time, police observed redness to his right cheek and upon enquiring, he stated that Prescott had slapped him. Officers also observed the broken window which he had initially reported. During a preliminary interview by police, Prescott admitted to slapping her boyfriend and to breaking the window because she was angry. She was subsequently arrested, charged and detained until Friday’s virtual advisement hearing.

In addition to the same monetary conditions as applied in the previous matter, Prescott is also forbidden from entering the premises where the alleged assault took place. Judge Morris granted the defendant one opportunity to retrieve her belongings, accompanied by a police escort. Prescott, who has no prior criminal record, will be released into the custody of a female relative with whom she will reside. 

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