Woman Arrested for Allegedly Threatening to Kill Ex-Partner, Smashing Windshield Of His Truck

A domestic argument spirals out of control, resulting in Mariely Daniel-Samuels facing multiple charges for her alleged actions

  • Staff Consortium
  • February 22, 2024

Mugshot of Mariely Daniel-Samuel. By. THE VIRGIN ISLANDS POLICE DEPARTMENT

ST. THOMAS — A woman was arrested after reportedly threatening to kill her child’s father and smashing the windshield of his truck with a brick.  

According to court documents, on Monday afternoon police were dispatched to a resident in Estant Contant following reports of a disturbance in progress. Responding officers met with a man who said that he was visiting his grandmother when his ex-girlfriend, with whom he has a child, showed up. 

Mariely Daniel-Samuel, the man’s ex, reportedly began cursing at him and causing a disturbance, prompting the man to go inside the house and lock the door behind him. One of the children in the house reportedly opened the door for Daniel-Samuel, and so the man said he retreated upstairs, locking another door behind him, and went into the balcony. 

His child’s mother allegedly went back outside and stood there, cursing up at him while he stood in the balcony with a brick in her hand. He told police that as he called 911, Daniel-Samuel took the brick and smashed the windshield of the truck he was driving before coming back onto the property threatening to kill him. She allegedly went back outside the gate and smashed the brick into the truck’s windshield a second time, before fetching a ladder and climbing up to the balcony, holding both the brick and a black-handled kitchen knife in her hand. 

According to court documents, Daniel-Samuel allegedly changed her mind, climbed back down the ladder, and instead sat at the entrance of the gate to prevent the man’s egress. When she saw the police coming, she ran into the residence and locked the door. 

Police noted the damage to the vehicle, and observed the brick next to the truck. After several futile attempts to get Daniel-Samuels to exit the residence, officers obtained keys from the man’s mother and went inside themselves to apprehend her. 

Daniel-Samuels was transported to the Richard Callwood Command police station, where she was charged with brandishing a deadly weapon, disturbance of the peace, and destruction of property — all as crimes of domestic violence. As per the domestic violence statute, no bail was offered and she was remanded into custody to await her first court appearance. 

In court on Wednesday, Magistrate Simone VanHolten-Turnbull found probable cause to uphold all the charges against Daniel-Samuels, and set bail at $5000, unsecured. Once released from detention, she will be restricted to the St. Thomas/St. John/Water Islands jurisdiction, and required to contact the probation office twice weekly by telephone. She must immediately begin a search for work, providing written documentation of such to the probation office every week. 

Daniel-Samuels will have to maintain a minimum distance of 50 feet away from the complainant at all times, and is banned from his residence and place of employment. Any matters involving the children must be dealt with through the court-approved third-party custodian. 

Her next court appearance is scheduled for March 8.

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