Unauthorized Gun and Ammunition Found Amid St. Croix Altercation Probe

  • Staff Consortium
  • June 01, 2023


ST. CROIX — A St. Croix man, identified as Anselmo Jackson Jr., was arrested recently after he was found to be in possession of a firearm and ammunition, according to the V.I. Police Department.

The arrest took place at the John F. Kennedy public housing facility on May 30, following a 911 emergency call. The call reported a man threatening others with a firearm. On arrival, the officers found Jackson in a parked black Acura TL.

Despite initially denying any involvement in an altercation, Jackson was found to be carrying a loaded Glock 22 pistol and an additional loaded magazine, following a search of his person and vehicle. The suspect confessed to owning the firearm but admitted he did not possess a license for it.

Forensic technicians from the VIPD were brought to the scene. They verified the firearm, a Glock 22 (.40 cal.), had an obliterated serial number on the slide but a legible one on the receiver. The weapon contained one live round, with eight .40 caliber rounds in the magazine. An additional magazine with a capacity of fifteen, loaded with thirteen live .40 caliber rounds, was discovered in Jackson's pocket.

The VIPD's Firearms Bureau confirmed that Jackson did not hold a license to possess any firearms within U.S. jurisdictions.

Following his arrest, Jackson was transported to the Ancilmo Marshall Command Police Station. After being read his Miranda rights, he declined to make any further statements. He was subsequently booked and processed at the Wilbur H. Francis Police Station.

Jackson now faces charges of unauthorized possession of a firearm, unauthorized possession of ammunition, alteration of identifying marks of weapons prohibited, and carrying of a firearm openly or concealed. Records from both the NCIC and Virgin Islands Criminal History confirmed that Jackson had no prior criminal record at the time of his arrest.

Bail for Jackson was set at $25,000. Unable to post bail, he was remanded to the John Bell Correctional Facility. However, during his advice of rights hearing on Wednesday, Jackson paid $500 in cash to meet his bail requirement. Further details of his pre-trial release conditions are currently unavailable.

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