St. Croix Woman Assaulted by Facebook Acquaintance After Rejecting Romantic Advances

Mary Rose Cullens is held on multiple charges after allegedly assaulting a woman who declined her romantic overtures, causing widespread disturbance

  • Janeka Simon
  • June 14, 2024


ST. CROIX — A woman who allegedly turned violent after a friend she met on Facebook spurned her romantic advances now faces felony assault charges in court.‌

According to court documents, a resident of a housing complex in Christiansted called 911 on the afternoon of June 8 to report that a woman named “Gypsy” was inside one of the apartments, assaulting the tenant who lived there. The assault victim later presented herself at the Ancilmo Marshall Command police station to tell her side of the story.‌

Police took note of the woman’s swollen face, her black and blue right eye, and the abrasion on the right side of her head. Despite complaining of pain in her nose, face and neck and reporting four lumps on her forehead, she declined medical attention and instead began to recount what she said happened.

‌The woman told police that “Gypsy” – Mary Rose Cullens – sent her a Facebook friend request in April. They spoke occasionally through Facebook messenger until on June 5, Cullens reached out to her new Facebook friend asking her to hang out. The woman agreed, and two days later, Cullens picked her up. The pair reportedly attended an event at a local nightclub before returning to the hotel where Cullens was staying. The woman told police that Cullens made several sexual advances towards her that night, all of which she declined.

The following day, June 8, the two women went down to the beach, and afterwards separated because Cullens had to pack for her return trip back to New Jersey. The woman said she went to her own apartment, secured the door, and went to sleep, her minor child in her arms.

However, she reported that she was awoken from sleep by Cullens, who was standing on her bed and punching her in the face while her child screamed. The woman attempted to defend herself but was overpowered. She recounted how Cullens then forcibly removed a portable air conditioner from the window and hurled it toward the ground near the child. Following this, Cullens rushed to the kitchen, grabbed a carton of eggs, and hurled them against the wall and floor. After this outburst of anger, Cullens left the scene, but not before a neighbor, alarmed by the noise, had called 911.

After inspecting the apartment, which police say reeked of egg yolk, officers tried to contact Cullens, but were informed that she had already checked out of her hotel. Police were not able to find her at the Henry E. Rohlsen Airport either. However, after a temporary warrant was issued for her arrest, Cullens was spotted at the Cyril E. King Airport on St. Thomas, attempting to buy a ticket on a flight heading back to New Jersey. She was detained by Customs and Border Protection officials and subsequently turned over to the police.

Cullens reportedly declined to provide a statement to officers, and was subsequently arrested and charged with first-degree burglary, home invasion, simple assault and battery, and damage to property. She was remanded into custody until her advice of rights hearing on June 11.

In court on Tuesday, Judge Ernest Morris Jr. found probable cause to uphold all charges against Ms. Cullens. Bail was established at $75,000, of which she is required to pay $4000 in cash with the rest as an unsecured bond, in order to be released ahead of trial.‌

The next court appearance for Ms. Cullens is scheduled for June 26

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