Son of Virgin Islands Inspector General Confirmed as Shooter in Incident that Left 3 Dead, including Shooter, and 2 Wounded in Texas

Crime Published On November 21, 2020 09:34 AM
Staff Consortium | November 21, 2020 09:34:16 AM

Shooting scene in Houston, Texas, where Mark Van Beverhoudt is said to have shot 2 people before turning the gun on himself. By ABC 13 EYEWITNESS NEWS TEXAS

A St. Thomas man and former Virgin Islands government employee is said to be the shooter in a case of devastating apparent domestic violence in Houston, Texas. The shooting, on Wednesday afternoon, claimed the lives of three persons and wounded two others. A baby who was also in the home was not harmed.

A local ABC News affiliate station on Friday evening confirmed that Mark Van Beverhoudt of the Virgin Islands opened fire, shooting four individuals before turning the gun on himself. Multiple persons in the Virgin Islands have confirmed that Van Beverhoudt is the son of Virgin Islands Inspector General Steven Van Beverhoudt, and that Mark, up until recently, was an employee at the Inspector General’s office on St. Thomas.

Mark Van Beverhoudt, his wife, and three-month old were apparently staying with the Harris family in Houston. Matt Harris, one of his adult daughters, and Van Beverhoudt were killed. Norma Harris and Van Beverhoudt’s wife were injured in the shooting. 

According to the Eyewitness News 13 report, when police responded to a call from one of the surviving victims, officers arrived to find Matt Harris dead in the driveway. They then located the other victims and the suspect shooter inside the house. The motive behind the shooting is reportedly still under investigation.


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