Second Man Seen on Surveillance Video Using Tools to Break Into Business Establishment Arrested

Crime Published On October 15, 2021 05:17 AM
Amanie Mathurin | October 15, 2021 05:17:22 AM


ST. THOMAS- A 47-year-old man of Altona has been charged with multiple offenses stemming from a burglary on September 19.

Allen Samuel, also known as ‘Buckwheat’ appeared before Judge Henry Carr for a virtual advisement hearing on Wednesday. Samuel was arrested and charged after police obtained video footage which implicated him and another suspect, Craig Stevens. Police were able to identify Samuel based on their prior knowledge of him in relation to previous cases. Stevens, who was also recognized by police, was previously arrested in connection with the same incident.

The surveillance video in question shows the two men removing tools from a backpack, which they appeared to use to gain entry into an establishment. The tools included a hammer and a crowbar. The men were also seen leaving the location with items in hand including a plastic jar containing money and a white plastic bag filled with unidentified items. Based on the probable cause fact sheet, the owner of the establishment was not aware of the total monetary value of the items taken. 

Samuel is charged with burglary in the third degree, an offense which carries a maximum incarceration of 5 years, as well as destruction of property which is punishable by a maximum fine of $200, a maximum of one year in prison, or both. He also faces the charge of petty larceny which carries a maximum fine of $200, maximum imprisonment of 1 year, or both, in addition to mandatory restitution amounting to the value of the items stolen.

Samuel has had significant contact with the criminal justice system, with matters ranging from firearm and drug-related charges to burglary and petty larceny. As such, Attorney Brenda Scales appearing on behalf of the people, requested that bail remain as set at $25,000. However, Public Defender Andy Johnson argued that this figure was excessive and asked that the court forgo monetary bail as the defendant is considered indigent. Judge Carr affirmed that the court could not grant this request, particularly as Samuel has a pending 2019 burglary case for which he failed to make a scheduled court appearance. 

At the end of the advisement proceedings, Judge Carr concluded that bail would remain at $25,000 but that Samuel could secure his release on the posting of 10 percent thereof. However, as a strict condition of his bail, Samuel must identify a suitable third-party custodian into whose supervision he can be released, and must abide by a 6pm to 6am daily curfew.




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