Man Pardoned by Mapp is Arrested After Police Find Bags of Drugs, Loaded Weapon During Traffic Initiative in Lower Love

Crime Published On September 12, 2020 04:27 AM
Staff Consortium | September 12, 2020 04:27:33 AM

Mugshot of Damon C. John, alongside the firearm and drugs confiscated by police during a traffic initiative Thursday, Sept. 10, 2020. By POLICE

ST. CROIX — A man who was convicted of murder and pardoned by former Governor Kenneth Mapp in December of 2018 was arrested on Thursday night after police found bags of drugs and a loaded firearm in his vehicle during a traffic initiative in Estate Lower Love.

Supporters of Damon C. John had waged a fierce online campaign for his release when it was revealed that the former governor was contemplating a pardon. In 2014 supporters of John produced a documentary detailing what they believe were the many inconsistencies with the case that led to his conviction. (Watch video below.)


John had multiple bags and at least two canisters of marijuana in his vehicle along with the loaded firearm when stopped by police Thursday during the initiative. He was placed under arrest and charged with possession of a controlled substance with intent to distribute, along with possession of a firearm.

Police have been conducting traffic initiatives at random locations territory-wide, and have been seeing results especially where firearms are concerned.

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John is believed to have posted bail and was released pending a trial. The advisement hearing for the case took place Friday.

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