Police Confiscate Assault Rifles At Cyril E. King Airport

Crime Published On January 13, 2020 06:42 AM
Staff Consortium | January 13, 2020 06:42:20 AM


ST. THOMAS — The Virgin Islands Police Department announced late Sunday that it intercepted five semi-automatic handguns of various calibers and two semi-automatic assault rifles at the Cyril E. King Airport. The police department did not say when the weapons were seized.

According to V.I.P.D. Public Information Officer Toby Derima, an individual, who was not identified by the V.I.P.D. release, attempted to bring the firearms into the territory but did not disclose all the weapons. The V.I.P.D. Firearms Investigation Unit confiscated the firearms and has launched an investigation into the background of the bearer and the origin of the weapons.

The V.I.P.D.'s Firearms Investigation Unit enforces the rules and regulations, laws, policies and procedures that govern the licensing of firearms within the U.S. Virgin Islands, said the police department. It is also responsible for ensuring that applicants are properly investigated and meet all the qualifications required by law prior to being granted a firearms license. The unit is also responsible for court presentations and home and business inspections, and it is the record keeper of all firearms registrations in the territory.

"The Firearms Unit recommends that you do not bring your mainland-licensed firearm into our islands if you will be visiting without contacting the Firearms Unit. Bringing unlicensed firearms into the Territory will result in those firearms being confiscated and you may be prosecuted in accordance to the laws of the US Virgin Islands," the V.I.P.D. said.

The unit urged travelers visiting the territory to call its office to find about the rules and regulations on firearms. Call 340-778-2211 or 340-774-2211. You will be arrested if you are found in possession of an unregistered firearm, the police force stressed.

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