Man Who Threatened Movie Theater Manager With Knives For Over Refund Dispute Arrested This Week

  • Staff Consortium
  • March 17, 2023


ST. CROIX — A man who allegedly menaced a movie theater manager with knives last December is now facing multiple charges including attempted robbery.

The manager of the Caribbean Cinemas movie complex on St. Croix called police on December 11 to report the incident. A few days later, an officer conducted an interview with the manager, who told him that operations on December 10 were interrupted by a power outage around 11:20 p.m., which caused the movies to stop playing.

The manager said that Roniel Allembert Sr. exited the theater where he was seated, approached the manager, and demanded his money back. The manager told police that Allembert was offered a receipt which he could use to watch the movie on any day he chose to return. 

Allembert was reportedly unhappy with the proposed solution, and began to shout. He allegedly entered the concession area, armed himself with two knives, and advanced on the manager inside the concession booth, ignoring orders to leave and continuing to threaten the manager. He was eventually handed back $20 in cash, whereupon Allembert reportedly tossed his weapons into a sink and left. 

He reported to police on Sunday March 12, 2023, around 11:40 a.m. Roniel Allembert Sr. was then arrested and charged with first-degree attempted robbery, third-degree assault, carrying or using a dangerous weapon, and brandishing, exhibiting or using a deadly weapon. 

The police noted that he was granted the ability to post 10 percent of his total bail requirement of $37,500 following his arrest. The court, however, has not yet released any information on updated bail conditions or other release conditions following his advice of rights hearing which was scheduled for Monday.

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