Man Facing Life on Multiple Rape Charges

Crime Published On September 14, 2021 08:33 AM
Staff Consortium | September 14, 2021 08:33:06 AM


ST. THOMAS — A 19-year-old male of Frydendahl could face life imprisonment after being charged with second-degree aggravated rape and second-degree unlawful sexual contact. 

WiCliff Gue was arrested following reports of a possible rape after a father discovered that his 15-year-old daughter was missing from home around 4:30 am on Saturday, September 11th.

According to the probable cause fact sheet, the minor eventually returned home and admitted that she had had sex, prompting her father to take her to the hospital where a rape kit was administered. Police later interviewed the minor who stated that she had lost her virginity to Gue on August 15th after she requested that he pick her up. She told police that she had befriended Gue after sending him a request on Facebook. The fact sheet notes that by the minor’s own admission, she wanted to get even with her boyfriend who had had sex with someone else. The fact sheet also details multiple sexual excursions which the minor described, including an encounter on the morning that her father noticed she was not at home. The minor affirmed to police that the defendant never forced her to have sexual intercourse nor did he hurt her in any way. 

Police subsequently sought out Gue who provided a detailed statement where he maintained that he never forced or asked the victim to have sex. The defendant claims that the minor repeatedly asked him for sex both in person and during their conversations via messenger. He further alleged that when they met she initiated intercourse. Gue noted that he did not know the minor’s real name and that while he did not remember her age, she did not appear to be young.

During a virtual advice of rights hearing on Monday morning, Assistant Attorney General John Barraco requested that bail be set at $50,000.00. He argued that Gue, who is originally from Haiti, posed a flight risk because of the possible life imprisonment he faces if convicted. However, Alexia Furlow of the Office of the Territorial Public Defender argued that Gue was not a flight risk as he has no prior contact with the criminal justice system and has lived the majority of his life — thirteen years — in St. Thomas. While Judge Carolyn Hermon- Percell acknowledged that the defendant may pose a flight risk by virtue of the sentence he faces, she concluded that his statement to police suggested that he has been cooperative. 

Noting that there was no evidence that Gue posed a threat to the community and that provisions could be made to protect the alleged victim, the Judge agreed to the defendant’s release on a $25,000 bond.

As part of his bail conditions, the teenager must surrender his passport and driver's license and must not have any contact with the victim or her father whether directly or indirectly. The judge emphasized that this includes responding to any contact which the minor may initiate. He is strictly prohibited from visiting her place of residence or from visiting her school without a legitimate reason. Gue is further forbidden from sending any third parties to communicate with the minor on his behalf and must at all times maintain a minimum distance of 25 feet from the victim. His next court appearance has been scheduled for Friday, October 1st, 2021. 



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