Man Arrested For DUI Following Vehicular Accident, Cited For Traffic Violations

  • Staff Consortium
  • March 15, 2023


ST. THOMAS — A man was arrested for driving under the influence following a vehicular collision on Benner’s Hill. 

Officers were dispatched to Benner’s Hill on Sunday to investigate a reported auto collision. When they arrived on scene, they made contact with the drivers of the two vehicles involved in the collision — a black Toyota Rav4 and a white Lexus ES-300. The driver of the Lexus identified himself as Amos Peters, and police noted that he kept leaning on the vehicle, or sitting on the guardrail. 

Officers say that as he approached the police unit, Peters was staggering. As he drew close and police began their interview, they noticed the tell-tale odor of alcohol. 

Peters, asked to recount what had happened, told the investigating officer that he did not remember. When asked whether he had consumed any alcoholic beverages before getting behind the wheel, he said that he had had one beer approximately three hours prior, but said he could not remember what kind of beer it was. 

The standardized field sobriety tests could not be conducted at the scene, so the officers handcuffed Peters, frisked him, and asked him to get into the police vehicle so he could be taken to the police station. Peters is alleged to have lost his balance as he stepped towards the vehicle, having to be held up to keep from falling.

At the Richard Callwood Command police station, Peters had to be read his rights twice before finally signing, and subsequently proceeded to fail all three field sobriety tests.

A breath sample submitted by Peters resulted in an intoximeter reading of .155 blood alcohol content, well over the legal limit of .08. Peters was charged with driving under the influence, and operating a vehicle with a blood alcohol content over the legal limit.

In court on Monday, Mr. Peters was granted pre-trial release after paying $1000 in cash.

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