Longtime Couple Arrested For Assaults Against Each Other

Crime Published On June 29, 2022 07:19 AM
Amanie Mathurin | June 29, 2022 07:19:35 AM

From left to right, mugshots of Irisha Cepeda and longtime partner Ikimba Parker. By THE VIRGIN ISLANDS POLICE DEPARTMENT

ST. CROIX — A couple has been ordered to stay away from each other following an altercation which resulted in charges for both parties. 

Ikimba Parker and his longtime partner Irisha Cepeda were arrested on Saturday night by officers who traveled to Marley Homes and Additions after a concerned citizen reported that a woman was being assaulted by her boyfriend. The probable cause fact sheet states that police made contact with Cepeda, who had visible injuries to her lip, forehead, cheek and eye area. 

In a statement to police, she detailed an altercation between her and her partner with whom she shares three children. According to Cepeda, they had returned home from a friend’s house and she noticed that Parker was upset. However, when she asked what was wrong, he said nothing. She then asked him to sit so that they could talk because he seemed upset, however he pushed her and stated that he was leaving. She recounted that he began walking downstairs and she followed until he allegedly punched her and she retaliated by pushing him down the steps. A fight ensued and she heard him roll down the steps and crash into a glass table in the living room. 

According to her version of events, Parker then proceeded outside and broke the glass on her vehicle while reportedly stating, “I know you can’t get that fixed now.” She says she pushed him and he pushed her onto the floor and punched her. They were then separated by Parker’s cousin but the victim says the cousin did not allow her to use his phone to call the police on his relative. 

When police interviewed Parker, he stated that Cepeda became upset because he would not speak and yelled at him, telling him he does not know how to communicate. He further stated that she blocked the door after he told her that he was leaving and that when he tried to retrieve some personal items she kicked him. He says he grabbed her foot and pulled her down the stairs causing her to fall on her face. 

Parker told police that he then went to the kitchen for a beer and she took a knife from the kitchen which she used to stab his tires. He alleges that she also took a rock and broke the glass of his vehicle. She then approached him with the knife and he took it from her, striking her twice with his fists behind the head. He further stated that she refused to let him enter the house. According to police, Parker admitted to damaging the woman’s vehicle and stated that he should have “box up her [expletive] more.”

Meanwhile, Cepeda admitted to breaking the glass on Parker’s truck. Police observed her car with a broken windshield and noted that the side and windshield glass on Parker’s truck was broken, with a rock in the vehicle. 

Irisha Cepeda and Ikimba Parker were both arrested and charged with simple assault and battery and destruction of property, categorized as crimes of domestic violence. They were transported to the Bureau of Corrections to await their Monday morning advisement hearing.

The two appeared for separate hearings but were each granted the same bail conditions. Bail was set at $1,000 each and each of them will be allowed to post $101 in cash. While this matter remains pending, Cepeda and Parker have both been ordered to remain at least 1,000 feet away from each other at all times. The judge has indicated that visitation arrangements for the three children they share will be decided by another court.

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